In Control of Now - iCoN...


iCoN is a trauma-informed programme designed to support individuals experiencing or exhibiting behaviour difficulties. 


Social Impact

Social Impact

The programme allows adolescents to understand how exposure to adverse events, such as being perpetrators, victims and/or witnesses of crime (physical and/or sexual assaults, violence, kidnappings, road traffic accidents, cyber-violence, etc.) affects their psychological well-being.
This programme provides young people with an opportunity to be screened for post-traumatic stress and to identify potential problems before they escalate into serious difficulties. 

Coaching/ Mentoring


Our team of coach/mentors are at the frontline of helping adolescents gain 'control' of the present. Building the relationship with the adolecents allows the coach/mentor to provide support and to facilitate change if and when the adolescents decide to embark on journeys to address and identify the difficulties that may have been caused by their exposure to trauma.

Therapy/Specialist Support

Therapy/ Specialist support

We boast a very able and competent team of registered psychologists to assist with the facilitating of the iCoN programme.
The programme comprises well-established principles of non-medical assessment and behavioural solutions.
These are two of the key elements that helps us achieve our desired end goal. 


Our work

Our work programme divides up generally into three broad areas: proving support to adolescents that are deemed to require support through our iCoN service; training staff of partner and client organisations that invite us in, as well as audit and review of whether systems of partner and client organisation are trauma-informed. 

iCoN Programme

The iCoN service is a trauma-informed programme that is designed for people experiencing and/or exhibiting behavior difficulties.



Who we are

We are an independent specialist provider of psychological services. We are made up of a mixture of clinical staff, as well as other professionals and sector workers all of whom contribute to the various elements of our iCoN programme.

What we do

Our programme supports adolescent services in the public, independent and private sectors by helping to identify and address psychological trauma in  adolescents, where it is linked to maladaptive, anti-social and offending behaviour. 

Who we work with

We are commissioned by local authorities to support their Youth Offending Services and help identifying and address psychological trauma where it is deemed to contribute to re-offending.

We work with fostering and adoption services in addressing placement breakdown where psychological trauma could be contributory. We support families as a partner in the (England and Wales) Strengthening Families agenda.

We work with Police services and forces to support particularly 'first responders', as well their staff groups.

How the iCoN service works

The service is generally delivered in three broad areas. These three areas can be integrated or delivered as distinct services.

  • A team of DBS - checked coaches/mentors and other staff bring extensive experience, knowledge and skills to effectively support young people and others who may have psychological trauma that contributes to  challenging, anti-social and offending behaviour.
  • In addition to providing therapy and specialist support to young people, our DBS - checked and HCPC registered psychologists train other practitioners and provide on-going consultation and support.
  • We have a core team of key staff who work with our partners and clients to review and audit organisational systems and develop trauma-informed services. 
  • Incorporated in the service is a virtual learning programme accessible to iCoN participants. Additional resources and programme information is provided for the wellbeing of participants.